The People Concern


The People Concern tracks public policy and supports legislation that furthers our commitment to ensuring everyone is housed, healthy and safe.

Here’re some examples of State Legislation that we supported in 2019*

  • AB 307 would create a grant program to be administered by the Homeless Coordinating and Financing Council to award nonprofits and COC administrative entities to. The intent of this program is to provide housing assistance and appropriate wrap around services to support efforts to combat youth homelessness.

  • AB 653 would authorize the Director of General Services, with the approval of the Adjutant General, to lease a portion of the West Los Angeles Armory that is not used for military purposes to the County of Los Angeles to build a year-round bridge housing program. To enter into a lease, the Legislature must approve the lease of the property.

  • AB 728 would allow existing homeless multidisciplinary personnel teams (MDTs) to access and share information in order to coordinate housing and supportive services to ensure continuity of care for families and individuals at risk of homelessness. These MDTs would be required to adhere to the same processes, privacy and confidentiality requirements as prescribed in current law. This bill would allow counties to engage in prevention efforts.

  • AB 761 would remove a restriction and challenging requirement on using state-owned armories as temporary interim housing sites during hazardous weather conditions such as extreme heat in the summer.

  • SB 282 would redirect Integrated Services for Mentally Ill Parolees (ISMIP) funding to the Supportive Housing Program for Persons on Parole. This bill seeks to reduce recidivism rates by addressing the pressing need of supportive housing and wrap-around services for individuals on parole with mental health needs.

  • SB 361 would improve implementation of the existing Health Homes Program (HHP) by removing restrictions around State funding and termination of program after two years and make it an ongoing program; and set a target goal that a third of program participants be experiencing homelessness.

  • SB 687 will increase the effectiveness, diversity, and equity of homelessness policies by including people with lived experiences of homelessness in the state’s efforts to address California’s homelessness crisis.

*This is not an exhaustive list

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