The People Concern


Everyone should be #HOUSEDHEALTHYSAFE. Help us advocate for more affordable housing in Los Angeles and connect to homeless individuals.


There are 53,195 homeless individuals in Los Angeles.
Something different is possible. There is a solution.


The People Concern is working to make everyone #HOUSEDHEALTHYSAFE.
Will you join us in this movement?
Here are three ways that you can take action:

 Photo by trekandshoot/iStock / Getty Images

Tweet your local government officials and let them know we need more affordable housing NOW.

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New socks and underwear are essential to maintaining health. Help us provide this basic need to homeless individuals.

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Help our outreach teams provide basic necessities and connect with homeless individuals in need of life-saving services.


The solution to homelessness is integrated supportive services paired with affordable housing. Los Angeles can create this solution. It's time for us to demand it. Join The People Concern and show your friends and neighbors that you believe everyone should be #HOUSEDHEALTHYSAFE. We need YOUR help.