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Webinar: Distinct Health Disparities of LGBQ Women Experiencing Homelessness

From the event description:

“Lesbian/gay/bisexual/queer (LGBQ) women experiencing homelessness present unique health challenges, ranging from reproductive health issues, lack of routine screenings, and high rates of mental illness and sexual violence, which are compounded by overall lack of access, visibility, and sensitivity in women’s and LGBTQ healthcare settings and homelessness services. This training will address health and mental health disparities of LGBQ women experiencing homelessness, and contextualize these disparities within larger systems of oppression that create barriers to care. The presenters will also offer models of engagement and program delivery to create systems of prevention and treatment tailored to these communities.

Speakers: Aruna Krishnakumar, LCSW –Director of Health Outreach to Teens, Callen-Lorde Rev. Julie Novas, JD, LCSW – Mental Health Coordinator, HOTT, Callen-Lorde Phyllis Pickens, RN – Adherence Nursing/Health Education Coordinator, Callen-Lorde Juliet Widoff, MD – Clinical Director, Women’s Health, Callen-Lorde Lazara Paz-Gonzalez, MPH – Professor, Monmouth University”

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