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Webinar: The Nexus of Sex Work and Homelessness

From the event description:

“The sex trade industry comprises a wide range of activities, in several different settings from street-level sex work, to escort services, to exotic dancing. Many of the folks involved in the sex trade industry are experiencing or have experienced some type of homelessness. This webinar seeks to look at ways that sex work and homelessness are connected, disproportionately by feminine identified folks (cisgender and of transgender experience). Explore how health care and homeless services are provided and can be enhanced, as well as hear ways in which recognizing the systems that compound risk can help facilitate reaching these communities.

Speakers: Aruna Krishnakumar, LCSW – Director of Health Outreach to Teens, Callen-Lorde Jonathan Santos-Ramos, Director of Community Engagement and Strategic Initiatives, Callen-Lorde Joanna Rivera, our Director of Transgender Housing, Ali Forney Center Tracee Brown, our Coordinator of Training & Advocacy, Ali Forney Center”

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