The People Concern


There are over 52,765 people

experiencing homelessness

in Los Angeles.

Something different is possible.

There is a solution.


About The People Concern and #housedhealthysafe

The People Concern, one of Los Angeles County’s largest social services agencies, empowers the most vulnerable among us to rebuild their lives. Throughout our 50+ years of experience, the most important thing we've learned is that for individuals to get back on their feet, first they need stability. Affordable housing paired with integrated supportive services, tailored to each individual's circumstances, is THE solution to ending homelessness in Los Angeles County. 

Los Angeles can create this solution. It's time for us to demand it. We need #EVERYONEIN so that all of our neighbors can be #HOUSEDHEALTHYSAFE.  


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Take your advocacy efforts to the next level!

Join The People Concern and Everyone In LA to support solutions that will end homelessness in our communities.   

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  • Use the hashtags “#housedhealthysafe” and “#EveryoneIn” on Social Media to advocate for supportive housing in our community.

  • Check out the Everyone In LA Toolkit and become an expert on supportive housing. When you hear misconceptions about homelessness, let people know why supportive housing saves lives and makes our community stronger.

  • Follow The People Concern and Everyone In LA on Facebook to keep up to date with the latest news about the homelessness crisis in Los Angeles County and across the globe.

  • Read up on Los Angeles County’s Comprehensive Homeless Strategy and learn about the steps our city is taking to end the housing crisis that has devastated our community.

  • Sign a petition in favor of supportive housing. Show City Council and the County Board of Supervisors that you are ready for real solutions.

  • Contact your Councilmember to voice your support for interim and supportive housing in your Council District. 

  • Tweet your local government officials and let them know we need more affordable housing NOW.



  • Volunteer for the 2019 Homeless Count! The Count helps set policy and funding priorities to best serve our neighbors experiencing homelessness. Organized by the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority (LAHSA) as part of the nationwide Point-in-Time Homeless Count and Survey, the Los Angeles Homeless Count is the largest in the United States and will require over 8,000 volunteers.

  • Attend community and public events to show your support for solutions and to learn more about homelessness and housing in communities throughout Los Angeles County. You can access Everyone In LA’s Calendar of events here.

  • Attend City Council Meetings and let our elected officials know that Los Angeles is ready for change. A calendar of upcoming public meetings can be accessed here. In addition, you can attend Homeless Strategy Committee Meetings on the last Thursday of every month.

  • Join your local Neighborhood Council. It may seem intimidating, but decisions around supportive and affordable housing begin at the local level. You can find out more about when and where your Neighborhood Council meets here.

  • Volunteer with The People Concern! We offer multiple opportunities for individuals to engage with our program participants in acts of direct service including meal service/preparation, administrative functions, enrichment instruction (creative writing, drum circles, etc.).

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  • Make hygiene kits! Putting together hygiene kits helps The People Concern satisfy some of the basic needs of those experiencing homelessness. Outreach teams distribute these necessities to those they meet in the field, helping them engage and build relationships with individuals experiencing homelessness to connect them to life-saving services and housing

  • LA-HOP, a project of LAHSA, is a new online portal that allows community members to specify the location of their neighbors experiencing homelessness so that outreach workers can connect with them and help them access the resources they need.

  • If you or someone you know has experienced domestic violence and needs to access services, please call Sojourn’s 24-hour hotline at (310) 264-6644. Sojourn is The People Concern’s domestic violence program.

  • Miracle Messages is a nonprofit that helps individuals experiencing homelessness record short video messages to their dearly missed loved ones, and then attempts to reunite them using social media.

  • Invisible People is a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating the public about homelessness through innovative storytelling, news, and information in support of advocacy and policy change.

Check out our Advocacy Calendar!

Find out what events are happening near you and around Los Angeles County in the fight to end homelessness.